Meet the Farmers

Here at our Virginia bed and breakfast, we pride ourselves on the quality of our food ingredients and knowing where they come from. Locally sourced and fresh, each ingredient acts as the culinary backbone for our delicious dishes. Read on for an inside look at the hard-working farmers and local businesses who provide us with the necessary ingredients to make tasty, culinary art for our guests.

a chef browsing a farmer's market

Meet the Local Farmers

Farmers wake up differently than most people. Up with the sun, they work hard to produce some of the highest quality food in Virginia. While you may be thinking “farm-to-table” has been a recent and popular trend for many modern restaurants, you can rest easy knowing we have been following that same philosophy for over 30 years. When you dine at La Table Provencale, you will enjoy every bite knowing our commitment to locally-sourced ingredients started from an excellent relationship with the people responsible for laying the groundwork. We couldn’t build culinary innovation without them.

  • There are very few things in life quite as delicious as bacon. A staple in the American diet for centuries, we believe this humble meat can still be elevated further, especially with the help of Baker’s Farm. They provide us with only the best pork, pork belly, bacon, and even the occasional tete de cochon. Our wonderful breakfast dishes at L’Auberge just wouldn’t be the same these tasty meats.
  • For the rest of our meats, the folks over at Ayrshire Farm provide us with high-quality turkey, chicken, and beef which all play major roles in our dishes. When you take a bite of the incredible Ayrshire Farms meat, presented within our four-course menu, you can thank them for the fantastic flavor combinations.
  • Only a mile away from the Inn, Shenandoah Seasonal is a year-round farm supplying us with only the freshest fruits and vegetables. With quick transport, they ensure maximum quality and delicious flavor. Eating your greens never tasted so fresh.
  • For the highest-quality beef in the area, Martin’s Farm provides us with phenomenal flavor and texture. Featured in our bistro, a must-try is the steak-frites, a 12 oz dry aged new york strip, fries, sauce au poivre.
  • To taste incredibly fresh eggs every day, try out some of our featured breakfast menu items, like the roasted duck breast with herb demi and egg towers or the best eggs benedict you’ve ever tasted. You can thank Keith Trenary and the chickens for all their hard work!
  • Catchy name aside, Jerry’s Berries are some of the sweetest around and give our desserts a little extra oomph that takes them from great to amazing.

In addition, select produce and fresh herbs are grown here on property. When you stay with us, you are more than welcome to get up close and personal with where your food comes from. From garden to plate, it’s a culinary experience unlike any other.

a table full of gourmet food with red wine

Ways to Experience Gourmet Cuisine

Has all this talk of food made you hungry? If so, then we have just the treat for you! All our locally-sourced ingredients blend together in a colorful menagerie of tastes and smells. Our breakfasts are perfect for prying open even the heaviest of morning eyes, with bold flavors like the decadent eggs florentine or our luscious and fluffy blueberry pancakes. When the day is done and dusk paints a colorful sky, a fantastic dinner awaits eager diners. Each plate is mindfully designed and created to highlight an incredible depth of flavor. Choice selections like our delicious chef-prepared duck or the incomparably amazing 30-day dry aged NY strip steak will melt in your mouth like butter. In addition, our bar and lounge serve lighter fare, like delicious burgers, in a relaxed setting, perfect for conversation or quiet contemplation.

gourmet dishes made by L'Auberge

Romantic Dinner at La Table Provencale

Food is always more delightful when shared amongst friends, and who better to join in on a culinary adventure with than your significant other? Let the power of great cuisine bring the two of you closer with a beautiful candlelit romantic dinner. There’s no better way to say “I love you” than with some of the chef’s finest dishes, a beautiful four-course menu full of culinary twists and turns with unique flavors in every bite. Come and see what all the fuss is about and make your reservation today!

Our wonderful food is just one of the many reasons you should come and stay with us, but don’t let all this food talk take away from our incredible rooms! Luxurious lodging for discerning travelers, the rooms at L’Auberge are all unique, much like the dishes we serve at La Table, and all feature a distinct and cozy design aesthetic for rooms that are both comfortable as well as stylish. We hope that all this food talk has left you hungry for more because we would love to see you come and visit us! Delicious food and good times await at L’Auberge Provencale, we’ll have a table set for your arrival.

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