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Finding a New Friend

Emu rambling down the driveway

Emu rambling down the driveway

With Thanksgiving over and Turkeys either pardoned or stuffed, Winey and Cheesey were suprised to see a  new neighbor!  From whence he came they do not know.  To where he is going we do not know.  But he certainly has made his presence known.  An Emu?  In White Post.  We’ve had our bears, deer, rabbits and squirrels and even a wild Turkey or two…this is the first Emu!  And beware Winey tells Cheesey, they can give you one swift kick!  We all wonder what Bernadette and Maurice might have to say!  Bed and Breakfast’s do attract the most interesting friends…

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2 thoughts on “Finding a New Friend”

  1. Sam Houchins says:

    Does Alan have any Emu recipes? lol

  2. Hey Sam, Good to hear from you! You can treat Emu like venison. So yeah! However, we took pity and did not have this one for dinner.

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