Meet Our New Chef & His Talented Team

Here at L’auberge Provencale, we take great pride in our in-house restaurant, La Table Provencale. Dedicated to serving only the finest farm-to-table cuisine, La Table is easily one of the best restaurants in Northern Virginia and a unique dining destination featuring only the finest in French-inspired cuisine. We wanted to take the time here and highlight some of the hard-working men and women in our kitchen that make La Table possible with their dedication and creativity.

Chef at our Northern Virginia restaurant

Get to Know Executive Chef Stephen Burke

Ambitious and highly skilled in his craft, our new executive chef, Stephen Burke, has joined our team and is leading La Table Provencale into a new era of fabulous cuisine. Stephen Burke has dreams of one day opening his own restaurant and attaining a coveted Michelin Star, and we have no doubt that he will someday achieve this goal! A sheer creative force of will, his talent in the kitchen is unmatched and only deepens with the opportunity to hone his techniques here at La Table. Originally a line cook at Wegmens, he worked at restaurants in California and had a stint as executive chef at Litchfields at Sonoma Coast Villa before starting at La Table! After leaving to work as the executive sous chef at Three Blacksmiths in Sperryville, VA, he returned to L’Auberge after the executive chef position opened up and the rest is history! We are honored to have someone with such passion and dedication at our restaurant and know that guests will see that passion reflected in the art on a plate that he creates.

Chef at our restaurant in Northern VA

Meet Pastry Chef Amber Clem

Purveyor of flaky and delicious pastries, soft and fluffy bread, and a variety of other baked goods, our executive pastry chef Amber Clem is a true treasure. Easily one of the best pastry chefs in the history of La Table, the prowess with which she creates expertly crafted delights is a testament to her extensive experience in the industry. The pastries are distinct, with complex flavors, intricacy, and attention to detail that only comes from years and years of hard work and dedication. We highly encourage couples looking for the perfect spot for their wedding to look no further, since her wedding cakes are nothing short of stunning works of art… and they taste fantastic too! Starting out as a graduate of the Art Institue of Washington with a degree in Pastry and Business Management, she worked at Bibiana Osteria Enoteca in Washington DC as a pastry chef. Amber cut her teeth in management with a position as pastry sous chef at RSVP Catering before a stint at Officina. We are so happy to have such a wonderful individual be a part of our team since 2018 and her skill with pastry dough is simply unmatched. Far too talented to excel in only one profession, Amber’s abilities also lend themselves exceptionally well to quilting, and she has made some absolutely gorgeous pieces.

the kitchen staff at la table provencale

Dine With Us

We also wanted to take the time and mention Carlos Ramirez and Caleb Stuphin, our two veteran sous chefs that help keep the kitchen running in tip-top shape! We are honored to have their skill and expertise here at La Table Provencale and the restaurant just would not be the same without their efforts in making it the best place it can be! They will be working with Stephen and Amber moving forward as our new La Table team and we are incredibly excited for what the future holds. Acclaimed as one of the best restaurants in Northern Virginia, you can see what all the fuss is about with a reservation for an unforgettable dining experience.  An unparalleled french country dining experience and an excellent addition to any stay, come on down and check out what Stephen, Amber, and the rest of our crew are cooking up! We also host events like live music, holiday dinners, and other happenings so keep an eye out for announcements and hopefully, we’ll see you soon for dinner.