50 Ways We Are The Essence of Provence

#1We answer every phone call with Bonjour and Bon Soir!#2French Lavender Blooming Throughout Our Gardens#3House Infused South of France Pizza Oil In Our Larder#4Warm French Country Bread Baked On Premise#5House Made Jams and Marmalades Served at Breakfast Infused with Herbs From Our Garden: Peach/Basil, Blueberry/Thyme, Local Blackberry and Mint....#6Rose Petal Ice Cream Made with Heritage Roses from Our Garden and Served with Lavender Pound Cake#7The aroma of Fresh Baked Croissants and Cafe Au Lait Welcoming the Day#8Provencale Hand Blocked Fabrics Used for all Rooms and Dining Rooms#9Curtains for every room and suite door to keep out the winter chill#10Herb Gardens with Annual and Perennial Herbs to use in our restaurant#11Provencale Rose Wines Served Crisp and Cold in The Summer Months#12Nougatine and Calisson D'Aix Made by Our Pastry Chef for Petit Fours#13House Cured Charcuterie#14Herb Infused Olive Oil at each Dining Table#15Marinated Nicoise Olives#16Nasturiums in summer mirroring Monet's Garden#17Sunflowers Swinging in the Breeze During Summer as High as An Elephant's Eye#18French Chateaux Wines from All the Major Wine Regions of France#19Water and Olive Oil Antique Terra Cotta Pots Planted with Flowers#20Warm Crepes Served with Fresh Peaches from The Orchard for Breakfast#21Antique Duck Press From the Hotel du Louvre in Avignon Used for Sauce and Pressing the Duck Breast#22Antique Wooden French Cheese Molds hand carved to Identify The Cheese Maker or Village Where the Cheese Came From#23Terra Cotta Storage Jugs for Storing Water and Olive Oil#2478 Orchard Fruit Trees Giving Us an Abundance of Fruits#25Provencale Baby Bathtub from the Turn of The Century Used to Chill Champagne#26Wrought Iron Garden Gates from The South of France#27Antique Provence Well Water Pump in the Garden#28Wooden Dough Riser Chest from Aix en Provence#29French Candle Wall Sconces Gracing the Fireplace in Les Chambre Des Amis#30Provence Garden Cherubs Greeting our Guests at our Villa La Campagnette#31Copper Pots and Pans on the Dining Room Walls from Chef Alain's Great Grandmother, the first Chef in the Continuous 4 Generations of Chef's from Provence#32Wooden Panetiere On the Dining Room Wall originally used for Storing Bread in Provence#33Santons -The Traditional Clay Dolls Dressed in Provence Fabrics Representing the Villagers in the South of France#34Hand Painted French Tiles Throughout the Inn Surrounding the Fireplaces and Adorning the Luxury Bathrooms#35Thirteen Desserts of Provence Served to Our Guests During The Christmas Season in Our Sitting Room along with a Provence Creche#36South of France Coffee Grinder for Hand Grinding Roasted Beans#3717th Century Iron Kitchen Spoons Hanging in Our Dining Room#38Ocre from Roussillon Painted Faux Walls#39Our own "Mere de Vinaigre" (The mother of Vinegar) which we Feed Great Red Wines to make our Own Red Wine Vinegar#40Amuse Bouche to tease the palate before dinner#41Edible Flowers Grown in the Gardens and Used in our Cuisine#42Fleur De Sel from Camargue -The Whitest and Purest of Salts from the Mediterranean#43La Terrace - Al Fresco Dining with Provence Umbrellas and Table Cloths#44La Table Provencale - The French Table Restaurant at the Inn Serving Modern Provencale Cuisine using the best of local and homegrown ingredients#45Lavender Sachets in the Guest Rooms#46Herbal Aromatherapy Steam Shower#47Laguiole Knives at Used at Dinner Service#48Painting of the Palais Du Pape in Avignon where the Borel Family is From#49Fresh Herbs De Provence swaying in the hot breeze of summer#50French Art Throughout the Inn...Monet, Matisse, Raol Duffy, Bernard Buffet, Utrillo, Picasso